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Our large format microwaves are some of the most versatile microwaves that we have available. These are the largest “off the shelf” microwaves in terms of physical size and power levels on the market today. Because of their size and higher power levels, we can economically custom “configure” these microwaves with a number of desired options as well as meet our customers requirements with other features not normally offered, such as the ability to monitor pressure in a vessel in the microwave, sample stirring during processing or combining other forms of heating (such as hot air or IR heating) with microwaves. Our large format microwaves include the BP-210 and BP-211.

Some applications of our large format microwaves include:

  • Industrial processing

    • Preheating rubber before molding

    • Quality control of production samples

    • Heating of soil samples

    • Heating of raw materials for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

    • Dehydration of thermally insulation materials

  • Research and pilot scale processing of chemicals

  • Recycling and reclamation of discarded materials

  • High temperature research of ceramics (to 1,800 °C)

  • New energy source research – Pyrolysis of organic materials, fluidized bed processing.

High temperature Quality Control testing
of processed petroleum coke

Instrumented large format microwave
PC control of program and data acquisition

A custom large format microwave
(Stirrer, automated fill valve and microwave Custom computer controller integrated with controls are
integrated into the robotic process system)

Pyrolysis research microwaves with process temperatures to 950 C.