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Carol Stream, Illinois 60188
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Microwave Research and Applications, Inc. (MRA) is located in the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois near O’Hare international airport and just minutes off the junction of interstates 290 and 355. Our facility has dedicated areas for testing new products, manufacturing space for standard and custom products, warehouse and a high bay open manufacturing space including 3-phase power for larger higher powered microwaves.

Since 1999, we have been dedicated to the application of microwave power for heating materials in laboratory, quality control, medical and industrial processes. MRA has produced and placed over 10,000 microwaves into laboratory and industrial use.

Most of our equipment operates at the ISM frequency of 2.45 GHz, the same frequency as your home microwave oven and with powers up to 3,200 watts in our standard microwaves for quick processing. As a manufacturer, we can modify our standard microwaves or produce custom microwave devices to meet your requirements. In addition to standard microwaves for research, we have designed and manufactured pilot and process equipment with power levels up to 12,000 watts. We offer a number of different products and services to our customers:

  • We produce and sell standard microwave heating products for laboratories, researchers and industrial processing through distribution or direct sales.
    • Laboratory microwaves
    • Chemical processing
    • High temperature processing
    • General use microwaves
    • Large format high power microwaves for researchers and industrial processing
  • We provide standard microwave products modified with specific features and instrumentation customized for researchers and light industrial processing.
    • Large format high power microwaves for researchers and industrial processing
  • We provide microwaves to OEMs that meet their specifications to be integrated into larger process equipment or directly to their end customers.
  • We design and build custom microwave equipment and turnkey microwave systems for researchers, universities and industrial processing for research, lower volume or pilot scale processing.
  • We consult on projects relating to the application of microwave heating of products or materials, including equipment development, process development and microwave/material interaction.
  • We provide design and engineering assistance on microwave equipment for OEMs.
  • We provide training and instruction on microwave and microwave material interaction for products.