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BP-301 Laboratory Microwave

The BP-301 laboratory microwave from Microwave Research and Applications, Inc. is a compact laboratory microwave that has features that makes it ideal for economical chemical processing or for general laboratory heating applications.  The BP-301 has 10 programmable power levels and up to 20 memory storage locations for convenience and process repeatability.  With 1000 watts of microwave heating power this microwave will make quick work of your digestion, extraction or other heating applications.  Heating uniformity is achieved by a “mode stirrer” system located in the microwave.  This eliminates the need for that intrusive turntable.

BP-301 membrane touch panel allows programming
of 10 power settings and 20 memories. 

Price: $4,574


Corrosion resistance
The BP-301 has corrosion resistance of the electronics, door and other sensitive components to make this microwave a good choice for your digestion, extraction, ashing or other heating applications of corrosive or harsh materials.  The microwave cavity and housing are stainless steel and there is a high volume exhaust that sweeps the fumes into your fume hood system or laboratory air handling system, preventing the build-up of fumes in the cavity.  While it is impossible to eliminate the corrosion that occurs during chemical processing, our corrosion resistant treatment generally extends the life of the microwave up to 10 times longer or more (depending on corrosive agent).  The BP-301 is a great choice for many analytical chemical or general laboratory uses!

This microwave is a great economical choice for many analytical chemical or general laboratory uses!  Add a high temperature muffle and this microwave can be used for ashing.

Power control
The BP-301 controls applied microwave power by cycling the microwave power on and off.  The ratio of power on time and off time determines the average power applied.  This is an economical method of controlling power and works well for many cases where the sample is large and can handle the higher power during the on time. 


Nominal values

Output power 1000 microwave watts
Required power 120 volt, 60 Hz.
Dedicated 15-amp line
Output power 1,000 watts maximum variable by duty cycling, 5 levels
Dimensions Outer 20.5” w x 16” d x 12.125” h nominal (W/O handle)
Cavity   13.875” w x 14.625” d x 8.125” h nominal
Weight/Shipping weight 40/45 pounds
Operating frequency 2.45 GHz (an internationally regulated ISM frequency)
Cavity exhaust

Powered, 15 cfm.
Includes 8 feet of chemical resistant flexible duct to connect to exhaust system. Includes 2 stainless steel clamps for ease of mounting

Cavity and housing material Corrosion resistant stainless steel
Electronics cooling High volume for long life


      • 230 volt 50 Hertz input power
      • Temperature probe available to laboratory supplied temperature meter
      • Infrared temperature sensor available to laboratory supplied temperature meter
      • Ashing package with muffle to 1,000 °C

Fully safety tested for microwave leakage, electrical safety and operation.