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Chemical Laboratory Microwaves

We offer a number of different microwave models that are used for general chemical analysis (ashing, digestion, dehydration, sample preparation for AA and other chemical processing). Features of all of our microwaves for chemical processing include powered cavity exhaust to remove corrosive or obnoxious fumes, corrosion resistant stainless steel cavities and housings and some of our models have corrosion resistance, which adds coatings to the electronics to reduce damage to the electronics and seals the door and the important door choke from the corrosive chemicals to improve safety from microwave leakage as standard. All of our microwaves can have this corrosion resistance added to them when they are manufactured.

Our BP-110 has been used in water treatment facilities for Total Suspended Solids (TSS) type and belt filter press “cake” solids testing.

Our BP-310 is being used to determine the moisture content of Trona, a flue gas additive to reduce the acid in emissions and acid rain.

Most of our microwaves can be used for ashing with the addition of a high temperature muffle for sample preparation for chemical analysis. The ashing temperature can be as high as 1,100°C for quick ashing. Please contact us for details.

Popular microwaves for chemical processing include BP-110, BP-301, BP-310, BP-125, BP-210 and BP-211.