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BP095 Laboratory Grade Microwave

An economy laboratory microwave with variable power levels from Microwave Research and Applications for laboratory processing.

Price: $6,576


The BP-095 is a laboratory grade microwave that produces up to 1,000 watts of microwave power. Process control is based on setting a digital timer and the user can adjust the microwave power level to almost any power – from just a few watts to full power with the turn of the power control knob. The microwave features our True-To-Power™ power control system that works much like a dimmer switch in your dining room, it allows the user to set virtually any power level before or during the process. The microwave does NOT cycle the power on and off as a power adjustment method, it truly adjusts the instantaneous power level. This is great for processing small or sensitive samples. The microwave has a powered cavity ventilation system that can be connected into the house air handling system.


 BP-095 features

  • Process control includes setting the heating time and manual adjustment of the process power level at any time during the process
  • 120 volt operation, 15 ampere – needs no special wiring (230 VAC 50 Hertz input available)
  • Variable microwave power from a few watts to 1,000 watts at the turn of a power adjustment knob.
  • Mode stirrer gives excellent uniform heating
  • Timed processing using a digital timer
  • High volume cooling for long life
  • Bottom feed microwave using mode stirrer technology for even heating
  • Powered cavity exhaust to remove fumes from the cavity
  • Mode stirrer gives excellent uniform heating
  • Cavity 330mm wide x 205mm tall x 330mm deep (13” x 8 1/16” x 13”)
  • Compact microwave – uses minimal counter space
  • Stainless steel door and front
  • Painted steel cavity and cover
  • Fully safety tested including microwave leakage
  • Meets US FCC requirements and can be tested for Canadian CSA requirements.

Specifications (values nominal)



Input power


120 Volts / 60 Hz. 15 amp dedicated circuit

(230 volt / 50 Hz available (BP-095/50))



Outer dimensions

Cavity dimensions

20 ½” w x 12 1/8” h x 16” d (W/O handle and vent duct)

13 7/8” w x 8 1/8” h x 14 5/8” d

Weight/shipping weight

42 pounds / 49 pounds




2.45 GHz. – an ISM frequency

Cavity venting


Microwave leakage

Less than 5 mW/cm2 at 5 cm meeting FCC/FDA CDRH requirements




6 Months parts and workmanship