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High Temperature Processing Microwaves

Properly equipped, our microwaves that can be used for high temperature processing include the sintering of ceramics and processing of other materials above 200 °C to a maximum of 1,800 °C. We have provided microwaves for biorefining and biomass processing including pyrolysis and fluid bed processing. Microwaves for high temperature processing need to be carefully designed and built to insulate the electronics from the high temperatures that the sample reach within the processing cavity. Generally a microwave compatible muffle is needed to protect the microwave from the extreme heat from the processing. Often the microwave needs to be equipped with high temperature measurement probes and cooling techniques are required. Please note, the microwave does not create an environment of high temperature, but rather it provides microwave energy that the material being heated must absorb in order to attain the desired temperature. Sometimes high temperature materials do not initially heat in a microwave field and a susceptor is often used to provide that initial heating. Inert or oxygen free environments may be required. High temperature processing in the microwave often requires a high temperature type S probe capable to 1,500 °C

Popular high temperature microwaves include BP-210 and BP-211

high temp microwave